What is sublimation printing? How do I start?

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What is sublimation?

Sublimation printing uses a specialty ink that when applied to specific substrates and heated, the image is transferred.
Sublimation can only be used on specific materials that are polyester or specially coated items. For T-shirts the more polyester in the tee the better! Also, since sublimation is essentially dying the shirt, you must use white, light, or even bleached tees in order to see the image. Unfortunately there is no simple way to use sublimation on darker shirts. You must use a heat press that reaches at least 385°.

What printer do I need?

Although you can get a printer that is already set up specifically for sublimation, you definitely have options.

Sawgrass printers have a higher price point but come ready to use for sublimation.

For a more affordable option you can purchase a printer that you can covert into a sublimation printer!
I have used this same printer (Affiliate link: here)

This conversion kit makes it easy to turn your printer into a sublimation printer (aff. link: here)

Once you’ve converted your printer you are ready to move to inks! There are so many brands you can chose to go with, just be sure that whatever inks you choose will be compatible with your printer you have! I have had great results from INKXPRO, bonus is this link takes you to one that is compatible with the printer I mentioned! (Aff. Link:here)

Now you just need your sublimation paper! This is my go to (aff. Link: here)

Printer?! Check! Now what?

If you already have your heat press, you are ready to go!

Also check out: (aff. Links)

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Heat tape

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